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Our Triune God by Philip Ryken and Michael LeFebvre


Although we are still focusing on living by the Spirit, this month’s book is about all three members of the Trinity. The authors spend more time on God the Father and Jesus the Son, than the Holy Spirit, but it still well worth your time to read. After all, as it says on page 113-114, “without the Spirit you would never believe the Bible. Without the Spirit you would never confess your sins. Without the Spirit you would never know Jesus for sure. Without the Spirit you would never receive eternal life. The Holy Spirit is the fullness of the Godhead. When He makes His home within us, glory comes down, and we are filled with gratitude to the Triune God-Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.”

This book is very short and for the most part fairly readable. There is a section in chapter two dealing with logic, physics and quantum mechanics that I found hard to follow along with. However, being only four chapters long and 114 pages, I managed to press on. I found chapter 3, titled The Practical Trinity, to be the most helpful because of, well, as the title says, it’s practical. That chapter is full of practical ways to dwell on the Trinity in your everyday life. It goes into greater detail on the reasons why when we pray we should thank each member of the Trinity for what they have specifically done, as we’ve heard Pastor Patrick teach us as well.

Since this book is short, I don’t have much else to say about it other than I think it would be an encouraging read for you and perhaps expand on your knowledge of the workings of the Trinity. It’s a topic that will never be fully understood on this side of eternity, but it is incredible to be allowed a glimpse of that perfect union of three in one. I’ll end here with a quote, the very last sentence of this book, “may God give us joyful amazement and eternal gratitude for the glorious mystery of His triune being!”


Christina Boswell