Position Title:           Worship Pastor
Place:                             Emmanuel Baptist Church
Church Location:     Mount Vernon, WA (60 miles north of Seattle)

Emmanuel Baptist Church (EBC) is currently seeking to fill our Worship Pastor position. Our objective for the worship ministries at EBC is to bring glory to God in our corporate worship, to be led by the Holy Spirit, and to grow in our relationship with Him.  We are committed to music that adheres to biblical truth with its lyrics and encourages our congregation in the true, heart-felt worship of God/Christ.

The overall direction of our gathered worship time is “contemporary”.  That is, our music, for the most part, reflects current musical styles and trends within mainstream Christian music.  This may include the incorporation of music from past generations (hymns), as well as arrangements that reflect more “traditional” formats whenever appropriate within any given service.

We value inter-generational community and providing intentional opportunities through worship for all our church family.
The primary duties of our worship pastor will be:

  • To lead the church body in Christ-centered, God-honoring worship. Not just leading music or implementing a program, the Worship Pastor intentionally lifts up Jesus’ person and work, models true worship in spirit and in truth, and creatively engages the gathered church to give its heart to praise, thanksgiving, repentance and submission to the will of God.
  • Create and execute Sunday morning worship gatherings in conjunction with the teaching pastor, grounded in and informed by the week’s preaching text, drawing on the best worship practices and resources available.
  • Act as pastor to the Worship Ministry Teams by shepherding the various teams (worship bands, tech teams, etc) and to be a faithful steward of their gifts.
  • Work shoulder-to-shoulder with a plurality of elders, including other full-time pastors.

We are looking for a man that is theologically and musically trained and is passionate about reaching a wide spectrum of ages and styles of worship, with the main goal of leading them in corporate worship that glorifies God.

Of course, our Worship Pastor must be biblically qualified to serve in this capacity (1 Timothy 3/Titus 1), as well as agree with our doctrinal positions and statement of faith.

We are looking for a man who:

  • Has a vibrant and growing personal relationship with Jesus Christ and a passion to honor Christ in corporate worship settings
  • Has a confident, though humble, leadership style
  • Has a recognition that the work of God in the church is not through self-effort, but through the power and presence of a living God.
  • Works well with others and is able to resolve issues with grace.  Is not easily annoyed and/or overwhelmed with the needs or requests of others.
  • Has Christ-like interpersonal skills and relational maturity
  • Has spiritual wisdom in working with a diverse group of artful people in effective ministry.
  • Is able to lead worship/praise by either voice or instrument.
  • Has a functional understanding of music theory
  • Is able to order a worship service in a well-thought out, purposeful progression, drawing attention towards God through the cross of Jesus Christ in conjunction with the teaching pastor.
  • Understands the different genres of music and other parts of a service and the unique features each genre can play in the service (i.e traditional/modern/contemporary Christian music/responsive readings/visual aids).
  • Is able to oversee all aspects of Sunday morning music and production, coordinating sound, lighting, and music teams.
  • Is willing to use visual media in the service (video’s/lighting/projection/etc)
  • Is able to organize and manage the logistical and administrative details relating to service schedules/volunteers/special events
  • Is able to differentiate preferences in worship and biblical mandates for worship.
  • Has an enthusiasm for creating worshipers in the church through modeling, exhorting, informing and teaching.
  • Is willing and able to articulate to the congregation what biblical worship is.
  • Is able to confidently lead those on the stage (singers/instrumentalists) and off (congregation).
  • Is able to disciple the worship and tech team volunteers understanding the importance of growing the team’s skills.  Desires to raise leaders in the church who are competent at leading others in worship.
  • Has skills to quickly and effectively communicate with a music team of varied musical abilities, both in rehearsal and during corporate worship
  • Is technically savvy.  Needs to have a familiarity with A/V equipment (lighting/projection/FOH) and their functions or he at least needs to be willing and able to learn the fundamentals.
  • Is ready to work with existing volunteer musicians and technicians
  • Has enthusiasm to recruit and develop new team players and new teams.


We believe that EBC is in a favorable position to make a dramatic impact for Christ upon this community in the coming months and years. We currently support over two dozen missionaries around the world, and we regularly partner with local ministries that honor the Lord. If you believe that the Lord may be leading you to explore this opportunity to serve Him, please send your resume to If you have any questions about EBC or the worship pastor position, please call us at 360-420-2312. Salary considerations will be in line with educational and ministry experience.