Janson Scholarship

Janson Scholarship Fund Guidelines

Reporting Requirements

Failure to comply with the following reporting requirements will jeopardize scholarship awards.

  1. All correspondence should be directed to janson@ebcmv.org.
  2. The Committee must be promptly notified of address changes.
Payment Rules
  1. Scholarship funds will be forwarded to the school’s Office of Financial Aid.
  2. The school will divide the money equally among quarters or semesters for the year and apply it to school expenses. Institutions may expend scholarships less than $400 without prorating if the school finds prorating to be unfeasible.
  3. Scholarships are based upon a standard academic year of full-time student status.
  4. If a student loses standard student status or is not enrolled, a return of the appropriate percentage of the scholarship will be required from a student as of the time standard student status ended.
Procedure and Calendar
  1. Applications must be made on current digital forms, which may be obtained in Resources at ebcmv.org.
  2. Scholarships are for one year only and all applicants must follow the current application procedures every year.
  3. Calendar for the application process: Application period open: February 14 of current year. Forms are not available until this date. Deadline: April 1 of current year. E-mail to janson@ebcmv.org.
Re-Application Requirements
  1. You must have undergraduate pre-baccalaureate status.
  2. You must have Skagit County residence status.
  3. Your cumulative college transcript must be sent by the college in digital form.
  4. You must complete a new current digital application form.
  5. If you were a recipient in previous year(s), you must submit a new, updated essay.

Scholarship Form