Neighborhood Groups

What is a Neighborhood Group?

Neighborhood groups consist of about a dozen people who live in the same general area of town. Since the first century, Christians have come together to encourage one another and enjoy common fellowship (e.g., Acts 2:41-43). These groups also offer an ongoing, lifestyle witness for Christ to other people in the neighborhood.

What happens in a Neighborhood Group?

These groups are not designed to be another time of Bible study. Although there are times of regular gatherings, the proximity of group members allows for interaction throughout the week. Normal activities such as inviting one another over for meals, helping one another on projects, or spontaneous conversations serve to integrate your life with fellow believers in the neighborhood. Each group determines how often to meet. It could be monthly, every other month, or quarterly.

Why join a Neighborhood Group?

As we fulfill the biblical commands that deal with being involved in one another’s lives, and as we demonstrate to the culture the love we have for one another (John 13:34-35), God works in our hearts to make us more Christ-like.

Neighborhood groups should be considered as part of one’s overall plan for continued spiritual growth.

How do I get involved in a Neighborhood Group?

We have groups that meet in Anacortes, Big Lake, Bow, Burlington, Clear Lake, Conway, Mount Vernon, and Sedro-Woolley. You may get involved in a neighborhood group by indicating your desire on the Connection Card on Sunday morning or you can request to join a group on our Church Center App.

For more information about Neighborhood Groups, please contact Pastor Patrick Slyman at 424-1173 or