2019 Men’s Retreat

Join the men of EBC as we learn, fellowship, and eat together. The Men’s Retreat is located in the Worship Center.


Friday, September 20:

5:30–6:30 pm:           Dinner 

7:00–8:00 pm:           Session 1 – “Becoming What You Worship”

8:00–8:15 pm:          Break

8:15–9:30 pm:          Session 2 – “Understanding the Heart

Saturday, September 21:

7:45–8:45 am:          Men’s Breakfast

9:00–10:15 am:        Session 3 – “The Heart of a Man Who Struggled—Psalm 73

10:15–10:30 am:      Break

10:30 am–Noon:      Session 4 – “A Man and His Heart—Genesis 3

12:00–1:00 pm:        Lunch

1:00–2:15 pm:           Session 5 – “Our Path

2:15–2:30 pm:          Break

2:30–3:30 pm:          Session 6 – “The Pure Heart—Psalm 16

Call the Church office at 360-424-1173 to sign up


Holy Spirit Power by Charles Spurgeon

         For this month’s book, I honestly toyed with the idea of just writing a review without actually reading it. The reason being, I have yet to read a Spurgeon book I didn’t like. However, that didn’t seem wise and I wouldn’t be able to include any awesome quotes if I hadn’t read it. But, once again, I wasn’t disappointed and I thoroughly enjoyed this book. I debated with myself on whether or not I should use a highlighter since I knew I would end up marking most of the book. (P.S. the pro-highlighter side of my personality won.)

A lot of Spurgeon books are put together from his sermons, which make for a certain way of writing. I’m not sure if this book is or if he just writes like he preaches. I personally enjoy reading books put together like that because you can feel the passion behind what they are saying and picture the writer up at the pulpit waving his arms around and pleading with you to repent. It’s easy to become emotionless while writing and I really appreciate that Spurgeon doesn’t.

This is one of those few books that is focused on the Holy Spirit. Spurgeon doesn’t leave out the other members of the Trinity, but he spends most of the book diving into the work of the Spirit. For example, from chapter two on the inward power of the Holy Spirit: “the Holy Spirit has a power over men’s hearts, which can be very hard to affect. The heart is a fish that all Gospel fishermen have trouble holding. You may sometimes pull it almost all the way out of the water; however, slimy as an eel, it slips between your fingers, and you have not captured it after all. The Spirit alone has power over a man’s heart.” Talk about word pictures! This tiny little book is full of them! I could give you a ton more of my favorite parts, but I think it would be more effective if you just read it for yourself.

There were some things Spurgeon said that I didn’t agree with or that I wasn’t quite sure what exactly he meant, but overall it is very solid. None of them made me question his salvation. I would encourage you to read this book and learn more of whom the Holy Spirit is and what He does. Once you read this one, I would encourage you to buy all of Spurgeon’s other books and read those, too. You will be convicted and comforted at the same time, as well as stirred up to search the Scriptures for more knowledge on this amazing Triune God.

Christina Boswell


Our Triune God by Philip Ryken and Michael LeFebvre


Although we are still focusing on living by the Spirit, this month’s book is about all three members of the Trinity. The authors spend more time on God the Father and Jesus the Son, than the Holy Spirit, but it still well worth your time to read. After all, as it says on page 113-114, “without the Spirit you would never believe the Bible. Without the Spirit you would never confess your sins. Without the Spirit you would never know Jesus for sure. Without the Spirit you would never receive eternal life. The Holy Spirit is the fullness of the Godhead. When He makes His home within us, glory comes down, and we are filled with gratitude to the Triune God-Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.”

This book is very short and for the most part fairly readable. There is a section in chapter two dealing with logic, physics and quantum mechanics that I found hard to follow along with. However, being only four chapters long and 114 pages, I managed to press on. I found chapter 3, titled The Practical Trinity, to be the most helpful because of, well, as the title says, it’s practical. That chapter is full of practical ways to dwell on the Trinity in your everyday life. It goes into greater detail on the reasons why when we pray we should thank each member of the Trinity for what they have specifically done, as we’ve heard Pastor Patrick teach us as well.

Since this book is short, I don’t have much else to say about it other than I think it would be an encouraging read for you and perhaps expand on your knowledge of the workings of the Trinity. It’s a topic that will never be fully understood on this side of eternity, but it is incredible to be allowed a glimpse of that perfect union of three in one. I’ll end here with a quote, the very last sentence of this book, “may God give us joyful amazement and eternal gratitude for the glorious mystery of His triune being!”


Christina Boswell


The Mystery of the Holy Spirit by R.C. Sproul


Here we are again, spending our year taking delight in our holy God. This year by focusing on the person of the Holy Spirit. Many Christians talk of being led by the Spirit or being moved by the Spirit, as well as knowing our spiritual gifts come from Him. But it seems that not many have a deeper understanding of the third person of the Trinity. There is so much more to this Person, who is one with God. February’s book of the month, The Mystery of the Holy Spirit, is designed to bring the believer into a deeper relationship with this Triune God by attempting to bring some light to this mystery.

In his preface, R.C. Sproul lets the reader know that there will be chapters that will require deep thought. He was true to his word. The two chapters that sought to explain the Trinity were among some of the most difficult I have ever read. But, I don’t think that should deter you from reading this book. The other chapters were not as difficult and the topic of the Trinity is so amazing it is worth the headache it causes to try and understand it.

I’m not going to lie to you, the Holy Spirit will still be a mystery to you after you read this book. Interestingly, it’s the Holy Spirit you need to illuminate and make clear what the Holy Spirit does! However, you will learn something new and be reminded to be careful saying you are led by the Spirit and then do or say something that contradicts Scripture. The Spirit and the Word of God cannot be separated. The Holy Spirit will never lead you or teach you something that contradicts the Word of God.

I would encourage you to read this book to grow in your knowledge and understanding of the Holy Spirit. I would also encourage you to be in the Word as well because that is the ultimate place to learn about Him. The Word of God isn’t about us or to make us feel better. The Holy Spirit inspired it and it was given to us to teach us of our Triune God in order to glorify and worship Him like He deserves, “in spirit and in truth.”

– Christina Boswell


Join us on Saturday, February 23rd for this special FREE event with guest speaker, Dr. Jonathan Sarfati. He holds a Ph.D. in physical chemistry and is a noted author on the subject of science and creationism. One of his most well-known books is Refuting Evolution and his most recent is The Genesis Account. 




  • ‘The Origin of Life: Fatal Flaws of Chemical Evolution”- Learn how chemistry and molecular machines demolish evolution at its foundation.
  • “Biological Robotics: Incredible Design in Life”- In addition to addressing the magnificent design and complexity of nature, Dr. Sarfati will also show why the argument of “bad design” used by the new atheist movement is without basis.
  • Q&A with Dr. Sarfati

LUNCH (12-1PM): Free for all attending!


  • Dr. Sarfati is a distinguished chess champion and will challenge up to 30 players simultaneously.
  • If you would like to participate in the tournament, please contact the Church Office at 360-424-1173.


All ages are welcome and you will not want to miss out! We look forward to seeing you there!