What is a Home Discipleship Group?

Home Discipleship Groups consist of about a dozen people that meet bimonthly. Since the first century, Christians have come together to encourage one another and enjoy common fellowship (e.g., Acts 2:41-43). These groups also offer an ongoing, lifestyle witness for Christ to other people in the Skagit Valley (John 13:35).

What Happens in a Home Discipleship Group?

On a group night, you will take part in prayer, sermon review, sermon application, and conversation about outreach opportunities. Some of our groups share in a regular meal together and have activities outside of their normal group time.

Why Join a Home Discipleship Group?

As we fulfill the biblical commands that deal with being involved in one another’s lives, and as we demonstrate to the culture the love we have for one another (John 13:34-35), God works in our hearts to make us more Christ-like.

Home Discipleship Groups should be considered as part of one’s overall plan for continued spiritual growth.

How Do I Get Involved in a Home Discipleship Group?

We have groups that meet in Clear Lake, Conway, Mount Vernon, and Sedro-Woolley. You may get involved in a Home Discipleship Group by requesting to join a group on the Church Center App or at the Connections Desk. We also have a list of groups available at our front office.